Coffee Shops Playa del Carmen Mexico

What is the name of your favorite coffee shop in Playa del Carmen Mexico?

Coffee shops are great places to find other foreigner and learn how to travel to other locations. What is the name of the main Expat coffee shops in Playa del Carmen Mexico?

Does the Playa del Carmen Mexico coffee shop have free Internet WIFI?

Coffee in Afrikaans is koffie.
Coffee in Arabic is qahwa.
Coffee in Dutch is koffie

Coffee in French is café.
Coffee in German is kaffee.
Coffee in Greek is ?????
Coffee in Hebrew is ka-feh.
Coffee in Italian is caffè.
Coffee in Japanese is ko-hee.

Coffee in Polish is kawa.
Coffee in Portuguese iscafé
Coffee in Romanian is cafea.
Coffee in Russian is ko-feyh.

Coffee in Spanish is café.
Coffee in Swedish is kaffe
Coffee in Tagalog (Filipino) is kape.
Coffee in Thai is ka-fe.

Coffee in Irish is caife
Coffee in Welsh is coffi


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